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It's a Fact..

Great Design Ideas Always inspires us to create greater websites!


Our at aim at Zebras is to always strive to offer our clients with affordable and creative websites, that incorporate a very user-friendly experience.


Our websites are designed to be ‘Mobile Friendly’. One subset of this refers to the ‘Responsiveness’ of the website in its ability to adapt to the different screen sizes that it may be viewed on.

Market Considerations

Market Research


Website Goals & Objectives


Here are some important obectives that would need to be considered when designing and building a new website

  • Objective

    To Update An Existing Website?
  • Objective

    To Improve Brand Awareness?
  • Objective

    To Generate Leads?
  • Objective

    To React To Market Trends?
  • Objective

    To Improve Staff Communication?

Mark Roger

UI/UX Designer

The WordPress Framework

WordPress is the industry standard Open-Source Content Management System platform, (CMS), that is used as the framework to create our websites which is regularly kept up to date on our servers to always ensure the best functionality and security for all of our designs.

Why Choose Us?

We have been established since 2007, and offer a flexible approach towards all of our projects. We can design a broad range of websites for most market sectors. We do our very best to provide the highest quality of work on any work undertaken.

We Have Been Established Since 2007!

Server Uptime Hosting Gaurantee Percentage 0 %


All of our websites are hosted and managed on secure and reliable servers, offering minimal downtime. All of our servers are based at data centres located in the UK.


We can design a logo to match your company’s aesthetics in terms of both colour and design, which could even consist of just a simple symbol or image to convey the correct message and brand recognition for your company, all at a very reasonable cost.

Web Design Planning

Site Map


Wire Frame Mock-Up


A sitemap will give us a better understanding of the website’s core architecture and a clear idea of the information that will be required for its content. A wireframe Mock-up will help in providing the basic framework in designing the basic structure of the website as well as help with its visual design elements.

  • Step 1

    Logo Design
  • Step 2

    Market Research
  • Step 3

    Site Map Creation
  • Step 4

    Wire Frame Creation
  • Step 5

    Create A 'Staging Website'